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Sexual Health education and training offered at MSHC is run in conjunction with Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, University of Melbourne. Enquiries should be directed to Dr Hennie Williams who co-ordinates the sexual health teaching at University of Melbourne and MSHC. There are four university subjects ( or units of study) available (detailed below) and these subjects can be taken as part of a course at the University of Melbourne e.g. Masters Public Health, Graduate Certificate in Sexual Health or as stand alone units of study at UoM (called community access) or as short courses at MSHC (see below)

Dr Hennie Williams

TEL: (03) 9341 6249


Graduate Certificate in Sexual Health

The graduate certificate in sexual health consists of four UoM graduate subjects. It is necessary to do a minimum of three of the dedicated sexual health subjects detailed below and the 4th subject can be an elective of your choice.


Single subject study

'Single subjects’ at the University of Melbourne can be taken via the Community Access Program


This program allows you to get an academic record from the UoM for a stand alone unit of study. This academic record may then be able to be used for any graduate course you may want to do in the future.


Short course

Another option is to do any of the subjects as a “short course”. This means you are not enrolled in the University and undertake the course usually for professional development purposes through MSHC. You will receive a certificate of completion from MSHC. There is no formal academic university record for this option as you are not part of the University when you study. This option costs less than being enrolled in the University.

Name   When it runs Mode of delivery  Notes 

Sexually transmissible infections 

POPH 90068

Semester 2 2017 i.e. August, September, October 

Can be taken by Classroom or distance mode.


12 weeks of lectures on Wednesday mornings 10.00 - 12.00 at MSHC, 580 Swanston Street, Carlton 

This subject covers public health issues related to STIs, their control and some related clinical aspects. Suitable for clinicians and non-clinicians with an interest in public health and/or sexual health. 

Sexual and Reproductive Health

POPH 90069 

Semester 2, 2017


31st July & 1st
August (10am - 4pm) 

7th & 8th August (10am - 4pm)  

22nd August (10am - 2pm)

Available in classroom or by distance mode

Split block mode, see dates 

This subject provides an overview of key sexual and reproductive health issues and considers the factors that enable or inhibit women and men’s reproductive and sexual health.

Suitable for clinicians and non-clinicians with an interest in sexual health  
Clinical Sexual and Reproductive Health

POPH 90070


Semester 1, 2017

This subject runs for 6 days in May: 3/4/5  and  10/11/12 May.  

Flyer/ short course application form 


This subject is only available in classroom mode. Teaching takes place at MSHC, 580 Swanston Street, Carlton 3053  

This subject is for those with a clinical background. It provides a public health and clinical perspective to clinicians wanting to work in sexual and reproductive health. The course is also an accredited pap test provider course and nurses who successfully complete the theoretical part of the course can undertake a clinical placement under supervision to gain competency as a nurse pap test provider. The course also gives nurses acreditation as HIV and Hep C test advisors

Adolescent Sexuality and Sexual Health

POPH 90169

Semester 1, 2017:  March, April and May 


This subject is only available by distance and all resources are online.   This subject covers the social construction of sexuality and sexual and reproductive health as it relates to adolescents. It is suitable for anyone with an interest in adolescent sexual health.


For detailed information about the above subjects go to home page of the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health 

Please contact Hennie Williams if you would like further information about these subjects as short courses:  

Nurses Pap smear accredited courses

Clinical Sexual and reproductive Health is often undertaken in this manner by nurses wanting to become pap smear providers.

(PDF Flyer/Application)

and then scholarship below.

  Pap test nurse scholarships – up to $1000 (inc GST)

PapScreen Victoria is offering financial assistance for Victorian Registered Nurses (Division 1) to become Pap test providers.

  • Deadline for applications is December 2016

Successful applicants are expected to commence an endorsed Pap test provider training course in 2017. Visit for eligibility requirements and to complete an application online.

For further enquiries about papscreen Victoria scholarships please contact 03 9514 6424