We are looking for men who are willing to participate in a mouthwash study to eradicate gonorrhoea.




If you are 16 and over, you are a man who has sex with other men and have a had a recent diagnosis of pharyngeal gonorrhoea, you are eligible to join.

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Men who have been diagnosed with pharyngeal gonorrhoea are invited to take part in this research project: “Oral Mouthwash use to Eradicate GonorrhoeA (OMEGA)”.

Gonorrhoea is a very common sexually transmitted infection among gay men in Australia.


It can infect the throat, urethra, and rectum, with the throat the most common site.
A mouthwash is found to be effective in preventing gonorrhoea in the throat.


Study Information

The OMEGA Study looks at whether men who rinse and gargle a mouthwash daily reduce the risk of getting pharyngeal gonorrhoea.


You will need to use mouthwash every day for the 12-week study period. Two different mouthwashes will be used in this study. You will have a 50% chance of getting either one. Both are widely available from supermarkets or chemists. Neither mouthwash contains alcohol.


You are required to rinse and gargle with the mouthwash at least once per day. You will be required to stop using any other mouthwash you are currently using, during the study period. If you prefer to continue using your own mouthwash then you will not be eligible for the study.


The ethical aspects of this research project have been approved by the Alfred Hospital Ethics Committee.



Dr Eric Chow


Professor Christopher Fairley, Dr Vincent Cornelisse, Dr Sandra Walker, Associate Professor Marcus Chen, Dr Tim Read, Associate Professor Catriona Bradshaw, Professor Sepehr Tabrizi, Professor Benjamin Howden , Prof Jane Hocking, Dr Anna McNulty, Associate Professor David Templeton, Dr Richard Moore


Kate Maddaford.


Melbourne Sexual Health Centre                             (VIC)

Northside Clinic                                                         (VIC)

Sydney Sexual Health Centre                                   (NSW)

Western Sydney Sexual Health Centre                    (NSW)

RPA Sexual Health                                                   (NSW)



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What's Involved

After being diagnosed with gonorrhoea, you will receive the normal antibiotic treatment from your doctor. If you are interested in this study, you will then meet with a research nurse who will explain the study to you and access if you are eligible. After explaining the study you will be asked to provide informed consent.


We will ask you to visit the clinic two extra times (week 6 and 12) and collect two saliva samples at home (week 3 and 9) to post back to us.


Participation in this research is voluntary and there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions. There is also a free call number 1800-732-644 where you can speak to a research nurse anytime during business hours throughout the study.


If you participate in the study, you will be reimbursed for your time with vouchers $100 over the 12 weeks.


      Some resources for participants:

OMEGA Instruction Sheets

How to rinse and gargle with mouthwash

     •  (Download PDF)

How to take a saliva sample

     •  (Download PDF)

OMEGA Video Instructions

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Q & A

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The main co-ordinating site of OMEGA is Melbourne Sexual Health Centre


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