Medicare Card



Do you have a Medicare card?

From April 2016, some tests and services at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre will require Medicare.

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre has been at the forefront of sexual health screening and care for more than 20 years. With close to 43,000 visits to us last year alone we are updating some areas of our practice to make sure we can continue to provide the services you need. From April there will be a question in our registration process  asking all people attending for their Medicare details. 


For information about how to get a Medicare card and other Facts about Medicare click here


Privacy is important to us, and your health information will remain protected – just as it has always been.

We comply with both the Health Services Act 1988 and the Health Records Act 2001.

The Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) establishes privacy standards for the handling of all health information and the operation of all health services

The Health Services Act 1988 states that “a person employed by the health service or a person who performs work for the health service must not give to any other person, whether directly or indirectly, any patient information without the prior consent of the patient”

For information specific to the handling of Medicare information, see the relevant sections in the Department of Human Services Privacy Policy.


While some tests and services will require Medicare, most will not. PrEP and TAG are Medicare only clinics. Using your Medicare details at other times as well as signing the request slip supports our clinic and pathology services to bulk bill your tests and services.
You can still access our regular services without one, please speak to one of our clinicians.


When do these changes take effect?

From early -April 2016, some tests and services at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre will require Medicare. We will ask for your Medicare details during the registration process.

What happens if I do not have a Medicare card but I need a Medicare billed service?

Most of our services can still be accessed with or without a Medicare Card.

If you want access to a test or service that requires Medicare, such as PrEP or TAG, you will need to provide card details.  

Alternatively, you may choose to attend our regular walk-in service, or to use a different healthcare provider if more convenient.

Services that require Medicare will not be available without a Medicare Card.

As a community access client who has HIV antiretrovirals dispensed at MSHC, do I need to provide Medicare card?

Yes.  This will remain the same.  A Medicare Card has been required to have antiretrovirals dispensed by Melbourne Sexual Health Centre since 2012.

Are there any services or tests that will now require a gap payment?


Which tests and services will require Medicare?

PrEP and TAG are Medicare only clinics. Signing the Medicare request / pharmacy slip supports our clinic and pathology services to bulk bill your eligible tests / treatments / services.

What happens if I have previously accessed services using a name different to the name on my birth certificate? (Registered name and Medicare name are different)

When you use our Medicare-only services, your details will be updated and your files will be merged. This will be described to you during the registration process.