Hernia in Canal of Nuck



  • Patient with a painless vulvar swelling
  • Cough impulse detectable



Hernia in Canal of Nuck


The Canal of Nuck, described by Anton Nuck
( Adenographia curiosa et uteri foeminei anatome nova. Leiden, 1691, page 130), is an abnormal patent pouch of peritoneum extending for a variable distance into the labium majus of women. It is analogous to the processus vaginalis in males.

The pouch accompanies the gubernaculum during development of the urinary and reproductive organs, and is normally obliterated following full descent of testes or ovaries.

In some cases, it may remain patent, and give rise to a cyst, hydrocele or hernia, more commonly in men but also, as in this case, in women.


Dated November, 2007