PID -Diagnosis and Management


Other MSHC Clinical Videos

MSHC Orientation Video

A video to familiarise health practitioners and new staff with where we are, who we are, what we do, how we do it and why. In two sections, the first will take you on a tour of MSHC, the second will give a brief overview of common STI conditions and treatment.

Chlamydia - Introducing the Test
How to introduce having a chlamydia test to young people during a non-sexual health consultation.

 Chlamydia -Who, When, Where and Why
Who, where, when and why to do a test for chlamydia.

The Sexual Health Checkup
Recommendations for sexual health screening  of asymptomatic patients

Diagnosis and management of pelvic inflammatory disease

Partner Notification
How to assist  patients with STIs with contacting their partners

Techniques of treating warts by Cryocautery

 Wart Treatments

An overview of methods used  to treat genital warts 

 Laboratory Diagnosis of STIs
Laboratory diagnosis of sexually transmissible infections

The Sexual Health Examination
Principles of the sexual health examination with a focus on commonly seen normal skin and mucosal variants

 Genital herpes

Taking a Cervical Sample

 Taking a Cervical Sample
- from VCS Pathology

Symptoms of acute HIV infection