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  • What happens on your visit to
    Melbourne Sexual Health Centre
    This page will show you the sequence of events of when you visit
    the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC) as a client.
  • PrEP
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  • Pep
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  • Medicare Card
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  • What puts me at risk of an STI?
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Get vaccinated today with Hep A. More info..


HIP- PrEP clinic


Find out how to address PrEP. More info..


TAG clinic

Test And Go:

A sexual health testing service for gay men and men who have sex with men. More info..

Donate to MSHC

Donations to Melbourne Sexual Health Centre are used in a variety of ways, including helping to purchase medical equipment. More...

STI Atlas

STIAtlas for Clinicians

MSHC has a website dedicated to images and descriptions of STI called STI Atlas. More...

STI Atlas

Clinical STI Videos

MSHC has a selection of videos made for clinicians about STI treatment and advice. More...

MSHC Education & Research

Education Unit

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC) has a commitment to the education and training of students (medical, nursing, postgraduate, undergraduate), visiting health professionals and external healthcare agencies. To meet these aims, More...

Research and Evaluation

Clinical research and evaluation of health interventions is an important part of evidence based practice and assists in informing and guiding policy and strategies on public health.  More...

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