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Welcome to the online education section of the MSHC website. There are currently 4 Parts to the educational section, choose from the topics below.

Educational Videos


Welcome to Sexual Health Educational Videos. Produced by MSHC for Clinicians to help in the treatment and diagnosis of STIs -Please select from the topics below to watch.

These Videos are linked from  (search: supermshc) for a direct link on YouTube.

MSHC Orientation Video

A video to familiarise health practitioners and new staff with where we are, who we are, what we do, how we do it and why. In two sections, the first will take you on a tour of MSHC, the second will give a brief overview of common STI conditions and treatment.

Chlamydia - Introducing the Test
How to introduce having a chlamydia test to young people during a non-sexual health consultation.

Chlamydia - Who, When, Where and Why
Who, where, when and why to do a test for chlamydia.

The Sexual Health Checkup
Recommendations for sexual health screening of asymptomatic patients


Diagnosis and management of pelvic inflammatory disease 

Partner Notification
How to assist  patients with STIs with contacting their partners

Techniques of treating warts by Cryocautery

Wart Treatments

An overview of methods used  to treat genital warts 

Laboratory Diagnosis of STIs

Laboratory diagnosis of sexually transmissible infections

The Sexual Health Examination

Principles of the sexual health examination with a focus on commonly seen normal skin and mucosal variants

 Genital herpes

 Taking a Cervical Sample

Taking a Cervical Sample - from  VCS Pathology
(This resources is nolonger available from VCS)
Click here for VCS Practitioner webpage

Symptoms of acute HIV infection

Case Studies

Below are a selection of interesting case reports from Melbourne Sexual Health Centre. 
To read further information on a particular case please click on the link to view the PDF

Bartholin's Abscess

Hernia in Canal of Nuck

Penile Ulcer - Acute LGV

Condylomata Lata

Herpetic Balanoposthitis

Perianal Streptococcal Ecthyma

Diabetes Presenting as Balanitis

Imiquimod Ulceration

Steriod-Modified Genital Herpes

Fractured Penis

Infected Scabies

Syphilitic Alopecia

Genital Herpes Zoster

Interesting Syphilis Serology

Tinea Incognito

Genital Bullous Impetigo

Sex Talk

Welcome to Sex Talk. Annually Melbourne Sexual Health Centre conducts a one day workshop presenting lectures, discussions, tutorials on various matters relating to Sexual Health.

If you missed it you can download the powerpoint presentations notes from the previous years



If you are interesting in attending or want to findout more contact us on Tel: +61 3 9341 6200

Free call: 1800 032 017 (Toll free from outside Melbourne metropolitan area only)

Educational Audios

Welcome to Sexual Health Audio Education -Select from the topics below to listen to
- or download a topic for your ipod.

Topics  An Interview with  Presented by 
Adolescent Sexual Health Dr. Hennie Williams Dr. Stella Heley
Genital Chlamydia Dr. Marcus Chen Dr. Stella Heley
Management of Vulvar Pain  Dr. Karen Berzins Dr. Stella Heley
Pap Smear Terminology Dr. Stella Heley Dr. Ian Denham
Sex Worker Screening Dr. Siobhan Burke Dr. Ian Denham
Type-Specific Herpes Serology Dr. Ian Denham Dr. Stella Heley
MSM Screening Dr. Tina Schmidt Dr. Ian Denham