What happens during your visit


Your visit to Melbourne Sexual Health Centre may take more than 2 hours. Please see our opening hours. We request Medicare details from clients who have a Medicare card. International visitors can get sexual health care at MSHC without a Medicare card.


 Please note not all clients will need all steps.

Step 1: Registration

Upon arrival, at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre (MSHC) all clients need to register their visit on the touch screen computers in the waiting room. 

Step 2: Verify details and collect Clinic Card (New Clients) 

Following electronic registration, all clients are asked to see Reception to verify their contact and Medicare details (if provided/ eligible) at each visit. New clients will be given their clinic card and client number. 

Following this, please take a seat in the waiting area. The triage nurse will call you by your first name and month of birth. 

Clients who are not eligible for Medicare or who did not bring their card on the day of their visit can still access most sexual health screening and treatment services at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre.

Waiting times vary
Your visit may take more than two hours.

Step 3: Triage 

In a private clinic room the Triage Nurse will ask some personal questions to assess your health risks and decide whether it is best for you to be seen at Melbourne Sexual Health Centre or referred out to a more appropriate, alternative service. If it is very busy we may ask you to return to the Centre on another day.

Student nurses and doctors
The centre is the major provider of sexual health education and training for healthcare profession­als in Victoria. You may be offered the option of having another health professional attend your consultation to gain experience. Participation is voluntary.

Research and Evaluation
MSHC has an active research program. You may be offered the chance to participate in one of our studies. Participation is voluntary.


Step 4: Consultation, examination and tests 

A doctor or nurse will see you, discuss your current sexual health concerns and ask some personal questions about your sexual health risks and general health. You will have a discussion with them about what tests or treatment are appropriate.

Sexual health examination
Part of a sexual health check-up may involve a genital examination and/or blood, swab and urine tests. If you require an examination, the doctor or nurse will ask you to undress from the waist down.
Genital examination and testing is mostly painless but some tests may cause minor, temporary discomfort.

Lab test results and follow up
After tests are taken, specimens are sent to a laboratory. Some results are available within 30-60 minutes; other results take up to one week. We will explain whether you need to phone us or come back to get your results.

Step 5: Treatment/ Vaccination 

Depending on your diagnosis, you may be treated on the day of your visit. The proposed treatment will be discussed with you. Vaccinations may be offered if our doctor/nurse thinks that it is necessary for you.


Step 6:Pharmacy

Medication may be prescribed on the day of your visit. MSHC has a pharmacy onsite. All medications prescribed and dispensed at MSHC do not attract any out of pocket expense. Some over the counter treatments are not available at the MSHC pharmacy and you may be directed to go to a retail pharmacy to purchase these.

Other important information
Melbourne Sexual Health Centre has an active research program. On rare occasions, instead of discarding your specimens after testing, they will be stored and may be used for future research purposes. Should this be the case, all identifiable information will be removed from the specimen.

If you would not like your discarded specimens used for research, please inform your nurse or doctor who will mark this on your patient record. This decision will not affect your routine care or your relationship with those treating you at the Centre.

If you would like more information on privacy or about particular sexually transmissible infections (STIs), brochures are available in the waiting area.


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